More Monday Musings

HOLY CRAP! Randy Moss to the Patriots?! WOW! Well, I think that if any coach can inspire respect FROM Randy Moss and coax the best out of him, Belichik can. I also think that Randy thought that Oakland was the “promised land” where he could be Randy the football homey and thug and excel and catch 100 passes for 1000 yards and 16 touchdowns, and it failed. And he might just KNOW that now. Possible that Randy Moss is gonna grow up after seeing the light in an organization like NE? Or is it going to be like TO in Philly, where Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid are quality guys who just couldn’t deal with him? Is Randy like TO? Time will tell. But truthfully, and maybe TO still doesn’t realize this, but when you’re in a quality organization with quality people and a foundation of maturity and success, it breeds more quality in people. And Tom Brady > all the Oakland quarterbacks put together. So I hope that Randy Moss returns to his early form with a new attitude – if it happens anywhere, it’ll happen in NE.

More issues in the Floyd Landis case lately, btw. Interesting fall of a winner. Tour win stipped. Test sample “B” found to have elevated levels of testosterone. But no warrant for sample B to be tested, since sample A didn’t raise any flags. Heresy? Reputation? Much to do with this case…it just won’t go away, people just won’t leave it alone. Like a bit of a witch hunt, but ultimately very suspicious witch if you ask me.

Poor Brady Quinn. Not because he slipped to 22nd in the draft, but because that slip will cost him millions of dollars. So poor Brady Quinn. JaMarcus Russell isn’t going to be a successful as Brady Quinn, in my opinion. I will be prejudiced against the “new generation” of black quarterbacks until one of them proves to be the next Donovan McNabb – a big, strong, mobile, QUARTERBACK, not an athlete who can throw a ball (see: Michael Vick).

Oo, speaking of Michael Vick, after his brother’s problems, after being caught with a secret compartment in a water bottle that smelled like weed, something new in his life: In the last week, Vick's name surfaced when police in Virginia arrested his cousin on drug charges at rural property the quarterback owns. Police reported that during their investigation they found neglected animals and evidence of dog fighting, including veterinary medications, treadmills for training and blood-soaked carpets similar to the ones used in fight pits. Does anyone else think this is a family of thugs? Criminals? They certainly put the “FU” in dysfunctional.

And speaking of families, can we please annoint the Staal family the new Miller or Sutter family - the first family of hockey, or at least teh current one? Eric is a star with Carolina (and a Stanley Cup Champ), Jordan is "scary good" with Pittsburgh, Marc is a defenseman in the Ranger organization, and the baby, Jared, is gonna play junior hockey. Nice retirement planning, MR/MRS Staal. :)

To all the RED SOX fans; it’s okay to crow about taking 5 of the first 6 games against the Yankees. Call me in September and let’s see where we stand, kthx.

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